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As a homeowner and a do-it-yourselfer, I was hesitant about applying the waterproofing myself because I had never done it before. Eco-Flex was so easy to apply and to clean up I felt like a professional. The support the staff gave was great. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products and the application. Shipping was quick and effective. I would certainly encourage homeowners who are building their own homes to give Eco Flex a try. There is no need to pay someone to install high priced waterproofing, when you can do it yourself with Eco Flex. Ron Forlano, Homeowner

Eco-Flex is the best thing to happen to ICF waterproofing that I have found in years. I now have 4 teams doing nothing but applying Eco-Flex on ICF and poured concrete foundations. 100 times better than Peel n stick Tony Douglas

Just wanted to say how satisfied with how the product worked for us when building our home. It was so easy, even my wife helped. We applied the product in December during a mild spell, but the cooler weather did not impact how well it went on the foundation at all. Thanks for such a great product! J. Page, NJ

Aqua-Stop finally did the trick. After many years of trying to solve the moisture problem in my basement, I finally found a great product that worked like a charm. My worst problem was after any sort of rainfall I had excessive water seepage up through the floor and from the walls. I applied Aqua-Stop and waited for a huge rainfall and the next day my basement was bone dry. The musty smell had disappeared and there were no more wet spots on the walls. Aqua-Stop completely sealed my basement and now I can have the confidence to finish my basement to add to our living space. Aqua-Stop was easy to apply, extremely economical and I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to solve a leaky basement problem. John Talucci, Home Owner

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