Aqua-Block BB

wet basementThis is not the sort of picture you want to see when going down into the basement. But for a lot of homeowners a wet basement is what they are faced with every time it rains.
A damp or leaking basement means you can’t use this valuable space even for storage. It can cause mold and mildew to grow and spread throughout your home, and it can make selling your home almost impossible as no one wants to buy a house with a wet basement.
If you are looking for a cost effective way to fix this problem yourself, without having to dig up your basement, then Aquaseal  Aqua-Stop or Aqua-Block BB are the products you need. They will make your basement dry and comfortable again, remove that damp smell, and restore your homes value.


Interior Waterproofing Coating For Commercial & Residential Applications
Professional Grade
Environmentally Friendly

AQUA-Block BB is a state of the art, one-component, coating that waterproofs old or new, structurally sound Brick, Cement Block, Stone or Concrete interior basement walls leaving a white matte finish.  It is highly resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure to 100 psi.  AQUA-Block BB is not a vapor barrier; therefore, the concrete can still “breathe”.  Using this simple to apply waterproofing material means that leaking basements will be a thing of the past – PERMANENTLY.


  • Ready to use, just add water mix and apply
  • Cost effective alternative to expensive exterior construction repairs
  • 1 container (2 x 25 lb bags mixed with the appropriate amount of water will cover ~100 SqFt)
  • No odor or fumes
  • Permanent treatment, for the life of the structure
  • Seals cracks, up to 1/32” (for larger cracks-fill with AQUA-STOP Crack Filler)
  • Specifically designed for Commercial and Residential applications
  • Tested up to 100 psi hydrostatic pressure
  • Brush or spray applied
  • Protects against fresh water, salt water, waste water and aggressive ground water
  • Inorganic – non toxic
  • Can be used on potable water systems, water tanks, marine aquariums, fishponds, swimming pools, tunnels, etc.
  • Can be applied to damp and wet surfaces

 Surface Preparation Like all good building practices, preparation is very important to ensure that the product will work with 100% effectiveness.

  • The surface must be sound, clean and free of any paint or coatings.
  • The surface should be rough (feel like fine sandpaper) to ensure good adhesion and bonding.
  • If the surface is smooth, then “rough-up” using a mechanical or hand wire brush, or mild acid wash.
  • Any cracks larger than 1/32” must be filled with AQUA-STOP Crack Filler before product is applied.
  • Using a brush, wash surface with plenty of clean
  • Moisten substrate with clean water, prior to application, making sure the surface is wet when the product is applied.  This will enable AQUA-Block BB to be “sucked” into the pores and form a bond to the surface.  DO NOT APPLY TO DRY SURFACES.


  • Always add powder to water NEVER water to powder.
  • For brush applications mix one of the 25lb bags into 3/4 of a gallon of fresh water.  If the mixture is too thick, a little more water may be added.
  • For spray applications mix one of the 25lb bags into 1 gallon of fresh water.
  • Only mix enough AQUA-Block BB for the immediate area to be covered, as once mixed you have 30 minutes to apply.
  • Mix thoroughly with a mixer attachment on an electric drill to a consistency of thick paint.
  • If mixture thickens in the pail-do not add more water, just re-mix.


  • Do not apply in temperatures below 40F (5C) or to a frozen substrate.
  • Do not apply to a dry surface – surface must be pre-wetted with water before product is applied.
  • Two coats are recommended at 20-50 mils per coat to achieve the coverage rate of 100 SqFt. per pail.
  • Apply second coat as soon as the first coat has set but is still “green” (normally 2-4 hours).  If this is not possible then the first coat must be roughened and dampened prior to applying the second coat.

Brush Application

Brush on the mixture evenly with the masonry brush supplied in the pail and work it well into the surface to ensure complete coverage. Spray Application

  • AQUA-Block BB may be applied using a “Textured Hopper Sprayer” with compressed air.
  • Spray in a circular movement to ensure complete coverage.

Surface Finishing

  • Brush or spray application will leave a slightly textured surface.  If desired, product can be smoothed with a trowel.


  • Allow the coated area to dry for a few hours, until the product is no longer tacky, and then “mist” the entire surface with clean water using a spray bottle.  Continue misting the surface for 3 days, keeping it damp and moist, so that the product cures properly.
  • In badly ventilated areas, try to provide some air circulation for the first 24 hours.

Decorating, Coating and Tiling

  • All surfaces coated with AQUA-Block BB must be left to cure for 3-4 days, then clean off any loose residue with a stiff, dry brush prior to painting or coating.
  • Tile mortars can be applied after 3 days.

Storage and Shelf Life  

AQUA-Block BB must be stored in a dry enclosed area off the ground.  Shelf life in un-opened container is 12 months, from date of manufacture.  Packaging & Coverage

  • AQUA-Block BB is supplied in 2 x 25lb bags in a plastic pail, and each pail includes a masonry brush to apply the treatment.  Expect to cover approximately 100 sq. ft of finished surface from each pail.
  • Each 25lb bag, when mixed with water, will cover approximately 50 square feet.


  • This product contains Portland cement and silica and is highly alkaline.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Refer to MSDS for more information.
  • Wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear during mixing and application.
  • After any contact with the skin, wash with plenty of clean water.  In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of clean fresh water for a minimum of 10 minutes, and seek medical advice.

 Limited Warranty It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the product for the intended purpose.  Factors such as temperature, surface preparation and applicator’s skill are beyond the control of the company.  Therefore, the manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of the defective material only. Technical Information

Color & Aggregate State White Powder
Compressive Strength 2500 psi (17 MPa) ASTM C-109
Flexural Strength 325 psi (3 MPa) ASTM C-348
Bond / Adhesion >120 psi (>.7MPa) ASTM C-321
Shrinkage 0.014% at 28 days ASTM C-596
Vapor Permeability 17 ASTM E-96
Potable Water Approval NSF Standard 61

All data are an average of several tests under laboratory conditions.  In practice, climatic variations such as temperature, humidity and porosity of substrate may affect these values. Manufactured in the USA Aquaseal USA, Inc., 117 Vosburgh Road, Mechanicville, NY 12118 Toll Free: 1-888-282-3861 or 877-AQUASEAL / E-mail:

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